Tour Dates



I'll be visiting the following cities as part of my tour.  I'm sad to say I cannot visit every city and some cities

I have decided not to visit any more.  I may still decide to visit other cities on occation, so keep checking back!


 **Weekly tour schedule is tentative, all posted days/dates are confirmed and displayed next to each city**

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♥ MOTOR CITY TOUR ----- December 10-12  

Detroit, MI (airport)- Sun Dec 10th

Detroit, MI (Novi) - Mon Dec 11th

Detroit, MI (Southfield) - Tues Dec 12th

Cleveland, OH (Independence) - wed, Thurs Dec 13th-14th

Cincinnati, OH (Downtown) - Fri Dec 15th


SOUTHERN CHARM ----- November 6-10

Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt) - nov-6th

Louisville, KY (Downtown) - nov. 7th-8th

Indianapolis, IN (Carmel) - nov, 9th-10th


PLAINS ----- January 8-13 

St Louis, MO (Galleria)-

 Kansas City, MO (CC Plaza) -

Omaha, NE (Downtown) -


MIDWEST  ----- December 4-7 

Chicago, IL (Mag Mile) -

Madison, WI (Downtown) - Tues & Wed, Dec. 5-6

Milwaukee, WI (Downtown) - Thur & Fri, Dec. 7-8


DC METRO & OTHERS -November  27th- December 1st   

Jacksonville, FL- monday 27th

Richmond, VA- Tuesday 28th

DC metro

Tysons corner, VA- wednesday 29th

Crystal CIty, VA - thursday 30th

Baltimore, MD- friday-1st


♥ NY METRO -----  Dec 18th - 20th

Secaucus/Meadowlands, NJ - Mon, Dec 18th 

Secausus/Meadowlands, NJ- Tues, Dec 19th

Long Island, NY-  wed, Dec 20th

Hartford ct. (E Hartford)-



CAROLINAS ----- November 13-17 

Charleston, SC (Downtown) - 

Charlotte, NC (CLT) -

Raleigh/Durham (RDU) 

Jacksonville, FL (Southpoint) -


South Florda ---- November 19-23

West palm, FL - sunday 19th- 2-11pm

Ft Lauderdale Beach, FL- Monday 20th 2-6pm

Ft lauderdale Beach, FL- Tuesday 21st 8am-7pm

Boca Raton, FL- Wednesday 22nd

West palm, FL-Thusday 23rd 12-5pm


Rates are defined by current market value for each city/region and to accomodate travel overhead.

***Rates listed in chart are for all cities on each tour unless otherwise noted below***

Tour Area.



Detroit   400 (680/2hr)
Cleveland   400 (680/2hr)
Southern (Nash, Lou, Indy)   400 (680/2hr)
Plains (StL, KC, Omaha)   400 (680/2hr)

400 (680/2hr)

**90mins add 140 to rate**